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True Wealth Formula
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"Learn To Think, Manage & Invest Money Like The Wealthy"
A Proven Step-by-Step System To Create, Multiply & Protect Wealth
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TWF IP Members Get:
  • ​Learn & implement the True Wealth Formula
  • ​Break bad money habits, fears & more
  • ​Reprogram your mind for strategic wealth building
  • ​Go from inconsistent to methodical in how you manage & budget money
  • ​Setup a personalized plan & asset management dashboard
  • ​Learn how to make money your slave
  • ​Restructure your balance sheet for momentum & cash flow
  • ​Stress free, automated investment strategies that compound
  • ​Learn risk management techniques used by master investors & traders
  • ​Let me show you exactly how I am personally implementing TWF today including tools, systems & technology to manage money, invest & more!
  •  TWF Implementation Program: Videos & MP3s including step by step formula Checklists, PDFs & Worksheets
  • ​Private members area avail 24x7 via our 5 star rated Wealth Builder app
  • ​Ongoing live support via monthly Q&A webinars
  • BONUS QUICK START coaching call replays w/ Q&A
  • BONUS True Wealth Formula FULL Course 
  • ​And more!
TOTAL VALUE over $4,000
"Thank you so much for this app and the class! It is very very timely. My husband and I are new to TWF and have been feverishly going through the videos and the 1st call. Everything is really easy to digest and understand! I highly, highly recommend this course to everyone!" ~ Amy Lee

"You were right when you said apply TWF for just one month and your bank account will look different! For the first time I was able to take 40% of my income OFF the table towards my debt and wealth accounts in addition to 10% for giving. Super excited about this accelerated debt payoff! So wish I’d been doing this before." ~ Nina Shepherd 

"As a fiduciary in the financial services industry for almost 20 years, what you teach is far and away different from what I studied. I want to set my clients up for great results and not be another 98% financial advisor." ~ Chris Stallings

"Hans, I appreciate everything you do and the wisdom you share with us... it's invaluable and I'm putting it to use. Even though I started late in life, it's never too late to start!" ~ Paul E Miller

"1st time taking TWF class, paid off 200k personal debt, paid off 100k balance on mortgage, invested over 50k. Now actively loaning cash in short term loans into partnerships for interest income. After my 2nd time taking TWF class, developed 3 year plan to start moving cash up to partners for investments. Developed 3 year succession plan to transition out of day to day operations and gradually reduce salary as I develop cash flow from investments. Currently turning for sale property into rental property to create more cash flow. Thank you Hans! You have been a real blessing to my life!" ~ Chris Arthur

"With only $500 in savings we had to put the event and the TWF implementation course on our credit card. Since then, we've been implementing the TWF system and have paid off the credit card and saved $8,000 into our wealth account without a pay increase. Thank you so much for putting together such a great system!” ~ David Ewing
Knowledge And Information Is Only Half the Battle...
Get your most important financial questions answered while being part of this like minded community focused on living out the True Wealth Formula!

Don't just learn it... do it! Knowledge and information is only half the battle. Guarantee your progress towards financial freedom and get your most important questions answered while setting up your very own wealth building plan!
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